AI-First App Retargeting

App retargeting is powerful on its own. But once you add artificial intelligence, it completely transforms your marketing. Wallace is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Officer, and the brainpower behind. Based on millions of data points, Wallace can tell you where your customers are, what they’re looking for, and how best to give it to them.

Turn your users into loyal customers

With Wallace on your team, you’ll re-engage your old users, retain your current ones, and boost your revenues. He will learn everything about your customers. Thus, he starts working through millions of data points so you can analyze the results and create user segments based on demographics, interests, and preferences.

You won’t believe what Wallace can do


Reactivate old users with personalized content: bonus points, gaming tips —
you name it!


Re-engage users based on what they search for, e.g. a particular flight or hotel


Grow your active user base by giving each user a personalized workout


Retarget your users to boost your subscriptions revenues

Why Simplaex App Retargeting

Dynamic Segments

 Re-engage your users based on their unique characteristics

Personalized Ads

Deliver tailor-made experiences in any format, on any channel

Complete Transparency

Grow your active user base by giving each user a personalized workout

Some of Simplaex Great Customers

Easy Integration

Simplaex can connect to any data source. We also partner with leading mobile attribution partners, analytics tools, and CRM System. Skip the development with our SDK-less integration.

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