Be smarter than your competitors

Competitive advantage is driven by a better understanding of your customers. By extracting data meaningfully and acting on it, you can be more targeted and drive richer customer interactions.

Retaining users

Customers disengage for many reasons. By having a better understanding about their interests and needs, you will be able to tune in and respond with relevant content. Blanket retargeting alone won’t deliver a respectable return on investment. But clearly focused and highly personalized marketing efforts will.





How it works

Reengaging customers naturally requires the ability to communicate with them while they are no longer using your app. Simplaex is able to find and target them wherever they happen to be online. But reengagement is also about selecting the right people for your advances in the first place. By identifying in advance which customers are most likely to return to the fold, you can save time – and money.

Simplaex’s advanced personalization options boost success rates significantly. Customised banners or videos can be triggered automatically according to a pre-defined event. There’s no better way to reach your customers with a perfectly timed – and perfectly relevant – message.

Four Smart Steps

The marketplace for identifiable users

The Simplaex marketplace gives direct access to hundreds of million identifiable users on a transparent and secure platform. You'll have all the data you need to quickly build your audience, reaching those users most likely to engage with your app.

How it works

Our data-driven marketplace opens up an entirely new route to acquire fresh leads. In the role of an advertiser, companies can search detailed user profiles according to a variety of tags. Once you've defined your desired profiles, Simplaex effectively targets your potential audience across all media and social channels. There's simply no better way.

It's important to mention that Simplaex validates each user profile according to multiple data points and is therefore free of fraud. And since the platform adheres to the strictest data privacy standards, targeting of users occurs without ever exchanging a single bit of data between the companies involved in the transaction.

Success Starts With Transparency

Simplaex enables you to target identifiable users using verified first-party data. By building your own audience from the marketplace, you can finally be certain about the source, characteristics and quality of the leads you acquire.

The marketplace for monetising your users

Simplaex provides all of the advantages and none of the downside by enabling advertising to your users outside of your app. This means the experience of current users is not adversely affected and it also gives you the opportunity to monetise dormant users beyond your active base.

How it works

Simplaex enables you to create an entirely new revenue stream from your user pool by acting as a publisher on the marketplace. Once your pool, or a segment of your pool, has been validated, Simplaex does the targeting on behalf of the advertiser outside of your app.

And since the platform adheres to the strictest data privacy standards, the targeting occurs without ever exchanging a single bit of data between the advertisers and publishers involved in the transaction.

Out-of-App Advertising

App monetization remains a big challenge. By choosing to forgo in-app advertising, you potentially miss out on a lot of revenue. Yet allowing it is always going to be a compromise. Now Simplaex lets you avoid pushing customers away and offers an easy and unobtrusive alternative: out-of-app advertising.