Focus and flexibility

Simplaex can be tailored to the specific needs of each game and every stage of its lifecycle. See what our laser focus on players can do for your game.

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Getting results

Our proprietary technology enables developers to acquire, engage and monetize players while bypassing traditional game advertising. Securely identifying players, the Simplaex platform uses advanced personalization techniques to reach them throughout the lifecycle of a game.

Player Acquisition

Acquisition success starts with transparency. Simplaex allows game marketers to target identifiable players using verified first-party data. By building your own target audience from the marketplace, you can finally be certain about the source, characteristics and quality of the leads you acquire.

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Player Retention

It�s a fact: every player is different. So your player engagement efforts should be focused on proactively providing the best gaming experience to each individual. Simplaex can help you analyze your player pool, inside and outside of your game, and create personal messages to each player most likely to appreciate it.

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Player Monetization

Monetization remains a big challenge in the gaming industry. By choosing to forgo in-app advertising, you potentially miss out on a lot of revenue. Yet allowing it is always going to be a compromise. Now Simplaex lets you avoid pushing customers away and offers an easy and unobtrusive alternative: out-of-app advertising.

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