Player Retention

It’s a fact: every player is different. So your player engagement efforts should be focused on proactively providing the best gaming experience to each individual. Simplaex can help you analyze your player pool, inside and outside of your game, and create personal messages to each player most likely to appreciate it.

Engaging Players

Successful player retention takes more than just blunt retargeting. Simplaex offers insightful funnel analysis showing exactly where your players are having difficulty. This allows you to address those issues and keep them playing your game longer. This ‘behavioral’ targeting also lets game managers enjoy infinite granularity when it comes to marketing your campaigns.

How it works

Simplaex makes running triggered engagement campaigns easy. Simply set a predefined in-game behavior in order to engage a precise and dynamic player segment. Personalized banners or videos can be triggered automatically according to an actual game event for each and every player you’ve selected. There’s no better way to reach your audience with a perfectly timed – and perfectly relevant – message.

Out-of-app reengagement

Out-of-app reengagement is a unique and highly effective player retention method because:

  1. Past in-game events of lapsed players are analysed to define the likelihood of return.
  2. Out-of-game events are monitored to identify what other games the users are currently playing.
  3. Potential returning players can be pooled into dynamic segments.
  4. Personalized and relevant ads are targeted at the individual users wherever they are.

Reengaging Players

People stop playing games for many reasons. But there’s value lurking in your inactive player pool! You just need to offer people some attention – and something relevant to their interests and needs. Blanket retargeting alone won’t deliver a respectable return on investment. But our clearly focused and highly personalized marketing efforts will.

How it works

Reengaging dormant players naturally requires the ability to communicate with them while they are no longer playing your game. Simplaex is able to find people and target them wherever they happen to be online. But reengagement is also about selecting the right players for your advances in the first place. Simplaex can identify in advance which players are most likely to return to the fold, saving you time – and money. Even better, our advanced personalization options boost success rates significantly.

Out-of-app reengagement

Triggered engagement is a unique and highly effective player retention method because:

  1. In-game events are monitored in real-time when the user is playing the game.
  2. Out-of-game events are monitored to identify what other games the user is playing.
  3. Users are automatically pooled into dynamic segments ready to be targeted.
  4. User behavior will trigger the launch of personalized ads relevant to the individual user.

Cross-game promotion

Winning over customers for other games in your portfolio requires a different approach than typical user acquisition. It’s also not the same thing as a reengagement campaign. Simplaex has the tools to determine which players are likely to appreciate your advances and do it in a highly effective personalized manner.

How it works

Cross-game promotion is all about leveraging the players you already know. Simplaex allows you to dig deep into their gaming habits and preferences, so you can offer them exactly the kind of title they like. As always, timing is critical. Target those players losing momentum in another game and track down those who have just abandoned it. Simplaex can find them anywhere online and introduce them to your latest game.