Player Monetization

Monetization remains a big challenge in the gaming industry. By choosing to forgo in-app advertising, you potentially miss out on a lot of revenue. Yet allowing it is always going to be a compromise. Now Simplaex lets you avoid pushing customers away and offers an easy and unobtrusive alternative: out-of-app advertising.

The marketplace for monetizing players

Simplaex provides all of the advantages and none of the downside by enabling advertising to your players outside of your game. This means the game experience of current players is not adversely affected and it also gives you the opportunity to monetize dormant players beyond your active base.

How it works

Simplaex enables you to create an entirely new revenue stream from your player pool by acting as a publisher on the marketplace. Once your pool, or a segment of your pool, has been validated, Simplaex does the targeting on behalf of the advertiser outside of your game. And since the platform adheres to the strictest data privacy standards, the targeting occurs without ever exchanging a single bit of data between the advertisers and publishers involved in the transaction.

These out-of-app ads might frequently be from other developers looking for their own new installs. But there's another level to this. Gamers are an in-demand demographic for many big consumer brands. By putting brand ads in front of your players when they're on Facebook or shopping online, an additional reoccurring revenue stream can be generated. Out-of-app ad technology makes it all possible.