Player Acquisition

Acquisition success starts with transparency. Simplaex allows game marketers to target identifiable players using verified first-party data. By building your own target audience from the marketplace, you can finally be certain about the source, characteristics and quality of the leads you acquire.

The marketplace for targeting real players

The Simplaex marketplace gives game developers direct access to millions of identifiable players on a transparent and secure platform. You'll have all the data you need to quickly build your audience, reaching those players most likely to engage with your game.

It's important to mention that Simplaex validates each player profile according to multiple data points and is therefore free of fraud. Since the platform adheres to the strictest data privacy standards, the targeting of players occurs without ever exchanging a single bit of data between the game developers involved in the transaction.

Private Marketplaces

Simplaex also accommodates setting up private marketplaces. These can be created by any party so developers can trade exclusively with each other.

How it works

Our data-driven marketplace offers a totally new way to acquire fresh leads. In the role of an advertiser, game developers can search detailed player profiles according to eight specific tags.

Once you've defined your desired profiles, Simplaex effectively targets your potential audience across all media and social channels. There's simply no better way to acquire new players.