Data Powered Innovation

Simplaex is an innovative game marketing platform powered by first-party data in real-time. Offered as a convenient SaaS solution, the Simplaex marketplace allows developers to find and engage players throughout the lifecycle of a game. But it also creates entirely new revenue streams, for example, by monetizing players no longer active in a game.

Integration & data security

No SDK required! Simplaex offers game developers easy integration for a fast, secure and seamless data transfer in real-time.


Game developers can stream their audience data at the press of a button and without any development work via their analytics and/or attribution provider of choice. We also offer a secure server-to-server data transfer by API to integrate with your BI and CRM platforms.

Data security

Simplaex provides a self-service platform allowing our clients to manage their data according to their own privacy policies. This enables our clients to manage their information responsibly and securely. At the same time, we adhere to the strictest data privacy standards. We utilize the latest SSL encryption and meet the full requirements of enterprise businesses and local regulations including the EU's Data Protection Directive.

Analytics & reporting

Simplaex emphasizes transparency and gives its customers full access to all performance metrics, media channels and prices in real-time.

Real-time Analytics

The Simplaex dashboard for measuring, monitoring and managing your player portfolio provides granular insights into your player base. It shows, for example, the instant impact from actions taken to acquire, retain and monetize players. Use it to also monitor your budget, test creative and ad types and even steer your ROI.

Cohort Reporting

The Simplaex cohort-reporting tool allows you to instantly know if your essential online metrics are where they need to be. It reveals conversions, payments and other KPIs over time so you can identify what works best. Group people by country, device, operating system � or even campaign ID, so you can know if a campaign is really getting results.

Performance management

Simplaex has been designed to put you in control. Our self-service platform combines a convenient user interface with advanced marketing and data intelligence technology. Easy to use and in real-time, there's no smarter way to manage your company's performance.


Our platform was made with marketers not IT experts in mind. Set up and launch a campaign with a couple of clicks. Optimize it at any point of your choosing. Manage your budget, tweak your creative, do A/B testing. It's all possible with Simplaex.

Dynamic Segments

Feel the freedom of defining infinite segments to acquire, retain or monetize players. Get as granular as you like, with specific and precise data points. All of the segments you create are dynamic, meaning they'll always be up-to-date, accurate and relevant.

Campaign Management

Since Simplaex was in partnership with some of the world's leading game companies, its platform functionality and usability has been tailored to the needs of our customers from the get-go. Simplaex is intuitive and logical. Simply select the relevant segment(s), set your daily budget, define your success metric, insert your (deep)links and off you go! There are no limitations: Start and stop at any time, add segments or change creative with our drag-and-drop interface.


Simplaex lets you personalize your creative for individual players � or for millions at the same time. This keeps your communication 100-percent relevant to each and every customer and helps you build a one-to-one relationship over the lifecycle of a game. Personalization options are part of the self-service menu, meaning you can upload any banner type and format, as well as select preferred parameters such as player name, status, score or level. These personalized ads have been shown to have a much higher conversion rate, delivering a far greater ROI.

Real-time advertising

Simplaex uses of its own real-time bidder to ensure optimum results at a lower price. This avoids the need for third-party DSP and an additional cost layer.

Bidding Algorithm

Simplaex is able to analyze and respond to 700,000 bid requests per second. This means we know exactly when and how much to bid for each ad placement in order to hit your specific success metric. Simplaex creates smart user models to make campaigns more efficient by reducing wasted impressions and reallocating budget to people who are more likely to click and convert. We're using some of the most advanced machine learning methods in the industry to drive better performance across our platform.

Smart-frequency capping

No one wants to overwhelm people with ads. We've refined our understanding of ad fatigue at an individual user level, so we can taper the amount of ads to those who are unlikely to convert. This makes Simplaex highly efficient and means you can use your saved budget to reach more potential customers.

Performance at scale

Simplaex is integrated with 55 global and regional SSPs for a highly effective reach worldwide. We can find players wherever they might be online, no matter the websites they're visiting, the device they're using or the operating system they have. You can also target people according to the specific mobile carrier they're using or only when they happen to have a Wi-Fi connection.

Ad Types

Simplaex can handle any video or banner advertising format: Interstitials, native and even dynamic in-app ads. Plus you drag and drop your background image, write your message and integrate personalized parameters. Details such as player name, game level achievement, scores and an unlimited amount of other options make ads relevant to each individual player.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective channels for reaching an engaged audience. Simplaex also enables you to engage with pre-defined audiences based on each player profile.

Social Media

Our close partnership with Facebook has greatly extended the dynamic targeting capabilities of Simplaex. So now you can leverage our proven, programmatic technology to automatically display the most relevant and personalized offers on the world's biggest social networking site. Through our granular understanding of an individual's complete web journey and their real-time actions, we deliver unmatched performance on Facebook across mobile, in-app and desktop.