About Us

We love what we do at Simplaex. We dream big and never stop striving for success. We believe in dedication, ownership, creativity and co-determination.


We believe at Simplaex that the business model for online and mobile gaming is ripe for disruption. New technologies have failed to change the principles of the industry's black box and the increasing costs and complexity of user acquisition and retention. We've listened to game developers and joined forces with them to refashion the game marketing ecosystem that is currently controlled by an ungainly mix of networks, agencies, brokers and resellers.

Simplaex is determined to provide our customers with the best marketing toolset possible. We offer transparency from beginning to end, as well as clear and secure data management. We promise results that will make a difference to your business.

With Simplaex we focus on what really matters - players and players only. Direct, efficient and without hidden costs. We invite all game developers to test our platform and see for themselves what it can do for their games.

Jeffry van Ede
CEO & Co-Founder of Simplaex

Our team

Jeffry van Ede
Co Founder & CEO
Moti Tal
Co Founder & CTO
Ofir Perry
Phil Buchan
Thomas Zuliani
Human Resources
Jan Thomas
Udi Miron
Rose Silford-McLoughlin
Business Development
Elle Chen
Business Development
Yonatan Wilkof
Alexander Fedulov
Michael Reinhold
Oliver Koppmeier
Alessandro Di Giovanni
Philip Quinn
Julian Fleischer
Asaf Rozenfeld
Data Science
Adler Ribeiro
Business Development
Margot Lautrey
Business Development
Melanie Steinke
Graphic Designer
Kirthy Iyer
Business Development
Vladimir Boyanov
Business Development
Sumedh Ambekar
Business Development

Investors & board

Berthold Von Freyberg
Target Partners
Max Burger
Antheria Holding AG
Axel Nitsch
High-Tech Gründerfonds
Holger Weiss
CEO & Founder German Autolabs